Stephen Robert and his wife, Pilar Crespi Robert, founded Source of Hope Foundation

Stephen Robert
Currently, Mr. Robert focuses much of his attention on Source of Hope Foundation, a non-profit organization he founded with his wife to provide aid to individuals in need around the world.

Stephen Robert’s career in finance has provided him the background necessary to report on the financial sector for a variety of leading publications. In 2010, Mr. Robert wrote a piece for Forbes Magazine entitled The Fed’s Japanese Mistake Kicks Working People in the Teeth. In the article, he offered his opinion about the Federal Reserve’s decision to drive down long-term interest rates while increasing inflationary expectations. Mr. Robert warned of the dangers such a policy could portend, and openly wondered how the nation’s top bank learned nothing from a similar circumstance involving Japan’s economy during the mid-1990s.

A political as well as a financial journalist, Stephen Robert wrote a piece for The Nation in 2011 that examined the political strife between Israel and Palestine. Having taken several pilgrimages to Israel, Mr. Robert discussed his uneasiness at witnessing the Israeli government’s treatment of the Palestinian people. He concluded his article by recommending a two-state solution, and by stating his hope that President Obama will lead an effort to unite the two warring groups. He again addressed this issue in an article he wrote for Israel’s oldest newspaper, Haaretz, called Can Moral Nations Abandon Palestine?



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