The Chancellor Stephen Robert Fellowship

Stephen Robert
When not writing, Stephen Robert spends time working with his humanitarian organization, Source of Hope Foundation.

A journalist with a background in finance, Stephen Robert has written articles for a variety of leading national publications. As a financial commentator for Forbes magazine, Mr. Robert wrote a piece entitled “The Fed’s Japanese Mistake Kicks Working People in the Teeth,” in which he offered his opinion about the Federal Reserve’s decision to raise inflationary expectations, while driving down long-term interest rates. Stephen Robert warned in his article that such a decision could slow the nation’s economic recovery from the 2008 financial crisis and help to spur speculation in the commodities market, which could become the next asset bubble. These concerns echoed an earlier piece Mr. Robert wrote for the website The Daily Beast called “Don’t Repeat Japan’s Mistake.” In this article, Stephen Robert suggests that the Treasury Department would be better off handling the ’08 crisis in a manner similar to the way it dealt with the savings-and-loan crisis of the early ’90s, instead of handling the situation like the Japanese did during their own financial crisis in the ’90s.

Stephen Robert has also written several articles about the ongoing conflict between Palestine and Israel. For the political magazine The Nation, Mr. Robert’s article, “Apartheid on Steroids,” discusses his own experience as a Jew returning to the Holy Land and his disappointment at what he personally witnessed in the West Bank. Mr. Robert describes the dire conditions faced by Palestinians living in the West Bank and concludes the article by expressing his hope that President Obama will lead an effort to unite the two warring groups in a two-state solution. Stephen Robert readdresses this issue in an article he wrote for Ha’aretz, the oldest newspaper in Israel, entitled, “Can Moral Nations Abandon Palestine?” Here, Mr. Robert argues that the U.S. has lost moral standing in the eyes of the world by not publicly condemning Israel’s treatment of the Palestinian people.


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